FCA’s Jr. Accountant Advise Column

What happens if the due date is on a weekend?

H.J. Glimp says “Most often the due date is rolled to the following business day.”
– Jr. Accountant
How long should I keep my records for the IRS?

H.J. Glimp says “The IRS requires three years from when you filed your original return or two years from the date you paid the tax. There are some exceptions, please give our office a call.”
– Jr. Accountant
When are W-2s/1099-Misc due to Employees and Independent Contractors?

H.J. Glimp says “No later than January 31st of each year, give our office a call and we can help prepare these documents for you.”
– Jr. Accountant
Someone stole my identity… how can I protect my Tax Filings?

H.J. Glimp says “If you are afraid your IRS or Personal information related to your tax filings has been compromised, you can request a Theft Protection PIN from the IRS for Tax Filing. Our office will be happy to walk you through the process.”
– Jr. Accountant

*Disclaimer, H.J. Glimp’s advice is as interpreted by his mom, Cheri Glimp, Licensed Tax Preparer – Full Cycle Accountants.